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Mini Curve Salt Block is our latest innovation offering an even lighter, a more compact salt block that’s easier to move about and store away.  The Mini Curve Salt Block is perfectly shaped to fit into the INNOVA Water Softener.


The Mini Curve Salt Block is not compatible with standard block salt water softeners.  As with all our salt, it is sourced from trusted suppliers, manufactured to the highest quality and delivered to your door in just a few days.

Our latest innovation, is light and compact, and perfectly shaped for the INNOVA Water Softener.


  • Each pack contains 2 blocks of salt - each Mini Curve Salt Block weighs 2.15kg.
  • One person will use 2 Mini Curve Salt Blocks per month, but can vary depending on your water usage. 
  • Grade A / food quality salt (standard BS EN973).

INNOVA Salt Block x 12

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