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Water Softeners

The Thames Valley is one of the hardest water areas in the UK. A properly installed water softener will maintain your home’s heating system and appliances. Households in hard water areas report frequent appliance breakdowns resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.

The Minimax M2 uses the latest development in water softening technology, this advanced concept offers many important benefits over conventional softeners, such as giving you the most luxurious softened water, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The benefits of water softeners

on your home:

•  Softer, brighter-looking clothes - no more scratchy fabrics or dull clothing, soft water can help keep your clothes looking and feeling better for longer.

•  Less time cleaning - hard water contributes to the build up of limescale, think of the money you could save by not having to replace your appliances so often.

•  Underperforming heating - hard water can drastically reduce the efficiency of your heating system, which in turn is increasing your energy bills.

on your household costs:

•  Heating efficiency - by reducing limescale and increasing the efficiency of your heating you could save up to 12% on bills.

•  Shopping bills - by switching to soft water you could significantly reduce the amount of soap and washing detergent you need.

•  Appliances - your appliances and boiler don’t like limescale. Limiting the amount running through your system could mean less repairs and replacements.

on your health and wellbeing:

•  Alleviate dry skin - people suffering with eczema and dry skin may find that soft water can help soothe sore, irritated skin.

•  Smooth, silky hair - the minerals present in hard water can leave a residue and even sap moisture from your hair and skin.

•  More lather, less product - you could use up to 75% less product by switching to soft water and you’ll have the added benefit of a scum/limescale free bath!

•  Wasted energy - when hard water is heated, it produces limescale which heavily reduces the efficiency of your appliances and heating system.