BORA have come up with innovative ideas that enrich and improve people's everyday lives. They, and we, believe that this is, "the end of the extractor hood".

Fresh Air

BORA draws off odours and grease particles directly from the cookware.

This will make you feel like you're cooking in fresh air.

Quiet Operation

Conventional cooker hoods blast out around 70dB at head height. BORA is quite different - it's quiet than frying a steak even on the highest level.

Clear View

BORA means freedom from the constraints of conventional extractor hoods. No edges or corners at head height.

Simple Cleaning

Cleaning conventional extractor hoods is laborious and time-consuming. In contrast, BORA products impress with outstanding advantages.


Physics can be so ingenious

Instead of letting cooking vapours and odours rise in the first place, BORA cooktop extractors draw them away where they are created, directly extracting them from the pot, roaster, pan or grill on the cooktop. And they do this not by magic but by applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics. For this BORA simply uses a cross flow which is greater than the speed at which the cooking vapours rise.

100% Cleanrate

Until now, the performance of extractor hoods has been assessed according to DIN EN 61591. This measures the fan power, the reduction of odours and grease filtering. Upon determining the MEK value (methyl ethyl ketone content in the room air), the elimination of unwanted side-effects of cooking can also be measured. The cleanrate procedure has been devised to objectively compare the performance of different extractor hoods.


With an effective extractor system you can cook as if you were in the fresh air - by reaching a 100 % cleanrate. Measurements of a cleanrate procedure prove: A 100 % cleanrate for BORA - a result the conventional extractor hoods can only dream of.

Exhaust System

With the BORA exhaust system, the fan channels cooking vapours straight outside through the BORA Ecotube duct system and the BORA 3box wall sleeve. This removes all vapours and odours from the cooking area. As, unlike conventional extractor hoods, all BORA systems use intelligent flow technology rather than a high flow volume, less warm inside air is expelled from the house, thereby saving energy.

Recirculation System

The BORA recirculation system is the alternative solution to exhaust-air variants. The fan directs the cooking vapours into the specially developed ULB1, ULB3 or BAKFS (Basic only) recirculation filters, which effectively eliminate odours from the kitchen exhaust air. As such, the BORA recirculation systems keep the air in kitchens fresh. As the recirculation systems keep the warm air in the house, they are ideal for passive houses as well as low and nearly zero-energy buildings.

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