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How it works • Dry Fit

Perhaps you are undertaking a larger scale project and your builder is going to have the room ready and prepared for us to fit the kitchen in to.

This is our most popular service, we will work hand-in-hand with your builder to ensure the room is exactly as required for you brand new kitchen.


We design.

Our designers are second to none. We will invite you in to our showroom to discuss your intentions for the kitchen, we'll go in to detail about the style, colours, finishes and appliances.

Once we've completed this meeting we'll arrange a presentation with you in our showroom.

At this time we'll show you the design that we've produced along with photorealistic images a floor plan and a comprehensive quotation.

We supply.

Once we've agreed a design we can order the kitchen for delivery to your house. Along with the kitchen and appliances we also will have supplied a Plumbing & Electrical Specification for your building and their team to work to, ensuring all services are supplied where they need to be.


You prepare.

Prior to us delivering your fabulous new kitchen, the messy stuff will have been well under-way. Maybe you're doing an extension that you've instructed a builder to construct for you.

The room will be ready with plumbing and electrics all in place ready for us to deliver the kitchen.

We fit.

Kitchen fitting is an art and our fitters are artists. 

You'd be forgiven for thinking that kitchen fitting is just screwing some boxes together. The reality is, there's a lot more to it than that - and so we guarantee our fitting going forward and if anything needs replacing during the fitting process, that's our responsibility, so no extra charges for you to pick up.

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